The Little Green Shoot

I suspect the title of my blog, ‘budding writer’ is an overstatement; ‘germinating’ might be a more accurate description of where I am as a writer. The tiniest little green shoot barely poking through the seedbed. But this is not in the least dispiriting. It just means there’s a whole lot of growing to do.

The idea of developing as a writer is exhilarating.  The thought of bearing fruit like trees produce luscious pears or crispy apples is more than a little inspirational. But just as the trees need life-giving rain and the warmth of the sun, this little green shoot will need careful cultivation, nurturing and protection.

What, I wonder, will protect it from the murderous storms like the one that snapped every last branch off the jacaranda that stood alone outside my bedroom until 2.30 pm last Sunday; that blew its once shady canopy up against the barbed-wire fence on the other side of the paddock?

And then the answer comes. The other plants growing around the fresh shoot will help protect it. They will ensure the weeds don’t encroach too much, that the shoot sends its roots deep into the soil, that its branches and leaves strive skywards, and when eventually buds appear, they will all celebrate.

Such are the benefits of a writing group!

4 thoughts on “The Little Green Shoot

  1. Hi Di
    A beautiful introduction to your blog. It will be a pleasure to follow you on your blog. Your style shines through. I agree with your sentiments completely. And celebrate with you this new writing outlet.

    • Thank you Margaret for your generous comments. As you can see, it is early days in my blog’s development but I look forward to finding my way around and enhancing it over time.

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