Kick in the Butt

Writing is all about words.

Scenes are painted with words; characters are depicted in words.

If I were to depict my own character in words – bearing in mind a certain lack of objectivity – some of the words I’d undoubtedly use would be tallish, ageing, blue-eyed … um … procrastinator … oh!

Procrastinator! If there happened to be a Degree in Procrastination, I’d no doubt be awarded an Honorary one. One look at my desktop alone, would convince you.

Procrastination looks something like this: a simple task, easily accomplished in mere moments, or a small challenge that might be resolved with minimum effort, will be studiously avoided despite relentless niggling and gnawing.

For instance, I have a daily obligation to meet, undertaken years ago for the benefit of my spiritual development.  No problem.  Then a sudden change in circumstance arose challenging my ability to fulfil the obligation.

Oh dear! What to do? I’ll give it some thought tomorrow.

And tomorrow … and tomorrow …

Eventually, there comes to mind a totally simply solution. But it will take a few moments of effort to put into place.

Tomorrow … tomorrow … tomorrow …!

And then boom!

I’m taken off guard …

… by a hugely nasty dose of shingles. The trigeminal nerve is inflamed. The upper right quadrant of my face pulses and burns with neuralgic pain.  A rash breaks out. My right eye is sensitive to light, irritated and all but closed. This means I can’t drive – even if I feel up to it – which I don’t.  I have to cancel all my plans, appointments and commitments – except of course visits to the doctor – and worst of all, I can’t even think about writing, let alone write.  There’s no other word for it.  I’m suffering.

Now suffering is an interesting phenomenon.  If you belong to that cohort of individuals who believe ‘everything happens for a reason’, you may make sense of this next bit.

Immediately I begin to suffer, I intuitively know it’s because of my failure to meet that ‘daily obligation’.

Getting shingles is like an almighty kick in the butt! Stop procrastinating and do what you need to do in order to meet that obligation.  There’s absolutely no place to hide!  It’s not as if I didn’t know what I needed to do – and it would only take mere minutes to accomplish.

It should ‘t be surprising then, to learn that I view this nasty illness as a bounty, a blessing in disguise … an opportunity to get back on my path of spiritual growth.

I’m already feeling slightly better – enough at least to post this on my blog.


a patch of my desktop

a patch of my desktop


9 thoughts on “Kick in the Butt

  1. I’m glad you’re starting to feel better Di! Shingles must have been horrible – but what beautiful descriptions of what you were feeling! And I love your desk. Look at those piles and piles of creative opportunities just waiting to be written 🙂

  2. Thanks, Jessie for your positive comment – having the shingles has certainly been horrible – but they will undoubtedly pass and how delightful that they have actually served more than one purpose – kicked me in the butt, reminded me to move into the slow lane for a while at least, and provided inspiration for creative writing! Perhaps a creative opportunity does lie beneath the piles on my desk – I’m really going to have to get that sorted! Maybe tomorrow?

  3. Well Di there’s nothing like a serious illness to anchor you in reality and get your priorities in order. So easy to get caught up in helping everyone else and neglecting yourself. This makes you focus on yourself which is a good thing and what’s important to you. It doesn’t make the awful pain of the shingles and easier but it helps to manage it I think. Jessie’s right, there’s lots of creative projects mixed in with all the stuff on that desk. Just make sure when you’re over the dreaded shingles that you hang on to good focus on yourself.

  4. Your wise comment is much appreciated, Marg. There’s a great lesson in there for all of us, methinks. It’s often difficult to remember to practise what we preach! But the thing about life and its journey that I find absolutely thrilling, is that we never stop learning.

  5. Well … it isn’t surprising to get such a short and sweet (and very sensible) comment from someone who is both a minimalist and and neat/clean freak. Are you really my daughter?!? xx

  6. Oh, shingles is nasty. I hope you’re feeling a little better now.
    Some wise friend once told me a trick about procrastination. Find a tiny project – one that takes 2 minutes and that shows results. Set a time and an alarm to go off and you have to do the task right when it rings. Then stand back and admire the results. Feel good about yourself.
    Go about your usual procrastination but whenever you feel bad for not accomplishing things go back and look at what you have accomplished. Feel good about yourself.
    Funny thing is, it magically makes you do other things you’ve been putting off.
    Warning: Doesn’t usually work for writing.
    Loved your post, Diana.

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