Fortune Shines

Desperate, she pressed her back against the tree trunk. Her breaths were ragged gasps and every sense acute. Her eyes darted sideways, watching. She listened. A rustling in the undergrowth and her chest contracted. Then an eerie silence descended.

With her courage finally restored, she realised her pursuer had driven her deeper into the forest than she’d every dared venture. Inches from where she stood, was the edge of a deep gully. She slid and clambered down the gully’s bank. In its depths, bracken and brambles, mosses and vines fought for dominance.

And nestled beneath them, she discovered fairy king, Oberon.

25 thoughts on “Fortune Shines

  1. This was a good response to the prompt. I could almost feel her fear as her heart raced. (You just need to make one little correction in the second paragraph. Where it says “… deeper than she’d every dared venture,” it should be “ever”.) You don’t have to publish my reply, so no one sees this note. It’s so easy to misspell a word when your fingers are flying across the keyboard, and really, this little error took nothing away from the story, which was very imaginative.

    God bless you,

      • LOL – doesn’t everybody? Thanks for taking it in the spirit it was given. I hate when I post something, and then when I read it again later, I find all sorts of errors. God bless you Diana!

    • My first attempt at Friday Fictioneers proved to be lots of fun, Jessie. Thanks for your positive comment and your help with the link up. Still having some hiccoughs with the thumbnail photo etc!

  2. Dear Diana,

    Welcome to Friday Fictioneers. You had me out of breath reading. Nice feeling to it. BTW, it’s perfectly fine and preferred to copy and paste the photo prompt into your blog. No law says you have to as long as your story relates to the picture but it’s a nice way to connect.



    • Thank you so much, Rochelle, for your warm welcome and positive comments. Hopefully, I’ll copy and paste the photo prompt next time – I’m such a luddite when it comes to finding my way around websites, etc.

    • Hoda, thank you so much for checking out my blog. So pleased you found the story suspenseful. It was written in response to a photo cue – I wasn’t sure how to copy the photo into my blog, but hopefully next time I’ll be successful at that! xx

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