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I’ve been invited by Jessie Ansons to follow in her wake and do a Blog Hop.  This involves answering six questions related to writing.  You can find Jessie’s blog hop at Jessie Ansons.  I’m not au fait enough with blogging to provide the link here, so just Google her name.  Here goes:

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1.  Why do I write?

I believe that the Arts influence the spirit and are a means for communicating with the soul.  Whilst I appreciate music and dance, I have little sense of rhythm and even less musical talent.  I love many forms of the visual arts but here again, my ability to produce anything artful is limited. For me, the best option for channelling any latent creativity I possess seems to be through the written word.  Hence I write.

2.  Why do I write what I do?

Sometimes I write to entertain and hopefully make happy the reader.  But mostly, I would like my writing projects – short stories, blog posts and longer works – to represent a different lens through which the world and its inhabitants might be viewed. Much to my surprise, many of my stories are set, at least in part, in the mid-50’s era.

3.  What am I working on now?

At times I contribute to the ABC Open 500 words project. I have my own blog ( and am slowly developing it.  I am currently writing a short story about loss, and whenever time permits, I work on my novel.

4.  How does my writing process work?

‘Slowly’ is the operative word! Since I live in a rural area I spend a great deal of time driving to and fro so it is in the car that I mostly cogitate about writing: ideas, character development, plot, etc.

Once I feel excited enough about an idea, I sit down and start writing. The story usually unfolds of its own accord; the characters and storyline lead me to an unknown destination. But this throws up obstacles such as a weakness in the plot. I’m trying to discipline myself to do more planning so I at least have some level of control over where the story ends up.

5.  Do I differ from others in my genre?

I belong to a small writing group and between us our writing straddles a range of genres including horror, fantasy/sci fi, adventure and a couple of brave individuals have even dabbled in writing erotica.  Nothing so adventurous for me, though.  It has taken me ages to come to terms with my ‘literary’ style of writing. It tends to lend itself to stories about the strength of the human spirit.

6.  Meet the Blog Hoppers

I’m supposed to nominate 3 bloggers to follow in my footsteps and do a Blog Hop and this is difficult – the other bloggers in my writing group have already been nominated. But there might be one hopeful:

  • Aidan from ‘One Eyed Scribe’ writes fantastical stories and books that take the reader on amazing adventurous journeys.

As for the other two bloggers – I’ll have to find them and introduce them later.

14 thoughts on “My Blog Hop – my approach to writing

  1. Very interesting blog post, Di. I loved your reason for writing as a means of “communicating with the soul”. Such a beautiful description and I couldn’t agree more. Your stories are emotionally engaging and at times confronting which certainly reflects the human spirit. Your slow process shows a thoughtful, measured style of writing.
    Well done!

  2. What lovely, positive feedback, Maree. Although our writing styles are very different, I see a lot of parallels in our stories and subject matter – many of yours are inclined to deal with emotional and confronting issues also. Thanks for visiting the site and leaving your comment.

  3. I’ve been thinking a lot the last week about your comment on needing to express artistically but not being talented in the other areas of dance, music, painting etc. This point certainly resonates with me… I can appreciate all the other at forms but I’ve never mastered any of them (especially dance… haha). Thank you for this deep and thought-provoking blog hop.

  4. And thank you for taking the time to ponder upon it Jessie. Pleased it resonated with you in some way. The important things is, I suppose, to find something we enjoy and go for it … for both of us, that seems to be writing. Yay!

  5. Lovely, lovely write up, DI. I really liked your comment that you aim “to represent a different lens through which the world and its inhabitants might be viewed.” I’ve always been very jealous of your ability to completely change your voice and feel with each story. I think it’s something you have a really superb natural (maybe I’m being unfair and you’ve worked really hard on it!) knack for.

  6. And a lovely, lovely comment from you Aidan. Very much appreciated and just to let you know, you haven’t got a monopoly on jealousy; I’d give my eye teeth to be able to construct stories the way you do, especially the very strong plots. And by the way, I didn’t realise I did completely change voice and feel across stories – so you definitely weren’t being unfair in your observation. Haven’t worked consciously at it at all!

  7. Thanks for giving us these insights into your writing, Diana. One of the greatest pleasures I get from reading is to gain a different perspective on the world and its inhabitants. Your work achieves that aim beautifully. Congratulations on a great post.

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