All Sorts

Copyright - Bjorn Rudberg

Copyright – Bjorn Rudberg


‘Hello, All Sorts Insurance Company.  How may I help?’

‘I’d like to insure my home.’

‘No problem.  Just a few details. What is the construction material?’

‘Concrete, timber, iron, steel, tin, clay, glass, tile … oh, and bamboo.’

‘Wonderful.  And is it single level?’

‘More.  Eight-and-a-half in fact.’

‘Oh, how nice.  Any outbuildings?’

‘No, they’re all incorporated.’

‘And are the doors and windows fitted with locks?’

‘No, we’re very inaccessible here.’

‘No worries.  Is the dwelling used for any other purposes?’

‘Just a Bed-&-Breakfast.’

‘Brilliant. And now your monthly premium.  $12000 okay with you?’










20 thoughts on “All Sorts

  1. I love that the insurance company’s representative was so accommodating… until the premium was revealed. Great story.

  2. Diana, No wonder the insurance agent wasn’t worried. With a monthly payment like that why should he worry. They would probably drop her though if they had to pay anything out. Well written with a good twist at the end. 🙂 —Susan

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