City Gloom

Here is my 100 word story prompted by the photo cue for this week’s Friday Fictioneers:


Andreas stood straddling his bicycle and held his breath in awe of the hot air balloon. In splendorous yellow, vermillion and purple, it lifted away. Andreas shielded his eyes from the sun and waved at the diminishing figures in the basket below.

Then he mounted his bike and gave chase. His legs pumped furiously along the country lanes, with the object of his pursuit always in sight.

Until the balloon suddenly vanished, swallowed up by the heavy gloom that hung menacingly above a city up ahead.

17 thoughts on “City Gloom

  1. Dear Di, On our 20th anniversary, Mike took me up in a hot-air balloon. It scared me at first then it was like slow motion, until the balloon guy took our picture and we screamed as we hit a tree – he pulled down on this bar and 3 seconds later – up, up, and away we went unharmed – quite a story to tell our kids and they gave us champagne. Your story is so AWESOME! I can see the guy peddling as fast as he can but the balloon leaves his sight. Great Story! Nan 🙂

    • It is so nice when a reader can relate to some aspect of a story, Nan. I’ve already made a comment on your story about the tornado – synchronicity. I’ve never been in a hot air balloon but I think it would be magnificent. Thanks for sharing and for your positive comments.

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